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Oliver Barcellano
50 caranglaan, Dagupan City
Oliver Barcellano
Town or City:
50 caranglaan, Dagupan City
Short Bio:
Travel Photography fascinates Oliver C. Barcellano to explore the world of photography. The beauty of nature gives him a sense of relief from the busy world. The Sunrise and Sunset symbolize the new beginnings and a beautiful end in the daylight setting to him. Oliver Barcellano a full-time banker and an aspiring photographer ever since he was a young teenager finding what he means in this world. As I explored the world of photography, I started to meet new people, and some of them became my Mentor. They give him advice and share their strategies to take photos properly. I also attend seminars and workshops but applying what you learn matters significantly. He also shared his knowledge of photography thru workshops. I started to love astrophotography when I stared at the star in the sky. The bright stars remind him of his loved ones who passed away. It makes him feel their presence even if they are no longer around. The waves that splash the rocks at the shore motivate me. Like the rock on the beach, I said that we could also be firm no matter what life throws us. Nothing can break us down.
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