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Buli Rope makers
San Jacinto
Buli Rope makers
Town or City:
San Jacinto

Strongly Bringing San Jacinto to the Map

With their dedication to the craft as strong as the ropes they have been making for the past 30 years now, the buli rope makers at Barangay Awai in San Jacinto certainly deserve your attention.

Roming and Rosie Castro, the business’ founders, were able to put their three children through school until graduation thanks to the art of rope-making. The establishment is now owned by one of their offsprings, Lourdes, who is just as determined to grow the business.

The buli rope-makers offer the traditional ‘lubid’ that costs Php250 per bundle, ‘kalas’ or dismantled rope that at Php200 per bundle, and the ‘patpat’ handicrafts that go for Php350 per bundle.

The humble business now employs around 30 workers and ships to other Pangasinan towns such as Manaoag, Pozzorubio, and Laoac, but have also delivered ropes all the way to Manila. For orders and inquiries, you may reach them at 09102803310.

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