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Elisha Bay Dagupan Bangus and Seafoods
Elisha Bay Dagupan Bangus and Seafoods
Town or City:
Brgy. Mangin

Elisha Bay Food Products offers the world-famous Dagpuan bangus and other different types of fish meat, cooked and blended with different local and international recipes, packed into jars perfect for immediate consumption or long-term storage. Elisha Bay Food Products prides itself in fusing local Pangasinense cuisine with other cuisines, coming up with products such as dinaing na bangus (boneless milkfish) minced with Hainanese, Spicy Masala, Garlic and Sukang Iloko (also available with chili), among others. Their easy-open jars of stored tuyo and bangus meat in assorted flavors like tomato sauce, Hawaiian, Pesto, and a lot more are also available.

Elisha Bay Food Products is located in Barangay Mangin in Dagupan City. You may visit their Facebook page “Elisha Bay Dagupan and Seafoods”, or contact Ms. Raiiza Vargas at 0922 884 6145 to learn more about the interesting products they offer.

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