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Tiblong’s Flavored Salt
San Fabian
Tiblong’s Flavored Salt
Town or City:
San Fabian
Brgy. Tiblong

Salt-making traces a deep history in the province of Pangasinan. In fact, the name “Pangasinan” was derived from the word “asin” or salt, owing to the prominence of said tradition since the pre-Spanish period.
In the Fourth District, the coastal municipality of San Fabian is home to one of the salt-making industries. Inspired by the “asinan” or salt farms in Dasol, Pangasinan, a small salt-making business started operating in Brgy. Tiblong in 1991.
To integrate innovation into the salt-making industry in San Fabian and to provide economic support to the community, the Office of Cong. Toff De Venecia explored and eventually shared the knowledge and skills on the production of flavored salt through a Technology Transfer (TT) scheme.
As an adaptive strategy to the contemporary gastronomic trends, the women in Brgy. Tiblong were taught how to make the six (6) flavored salt – black pepper, calamansi, chili, garlic, rosemary, and wine.
• black pepper, calamansi, chili, & garlic –Php 100/flavor
• rosemary –Php 110
• wine –Php 130
Order Now: https://www.facebook.com/Tiblongs-Flavored-Salt-San-Fabian-Pangasinan-107991841702740

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