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Bangus Festival
Every year during the month of April, the lone chartered city of Pangasinan celebrates one of the biggest and loudest festivals of the year – the Bangus Festival, in honor of the famous bangus capital of the Philippines: Dagupan. The Bangus Festival is one amongst many anticipated and widely-known celebratory events in the Philippine archipelago, and one that raises the native trademarks of Pangasinan culture in a national scale. The Bangus Festival is whole month celebration accompanied by different, fun-pumped events involving music, dance and visual artistry, cuisine, and exciting contests funneled through the City Government of Dagupan. The infamous kalutan ed Dalan event that covers more than two kilometers of roads lined with grills, cooking pots, tables, and stages with live bands make the event more lively and fun. Street dances depicting cultural practices of Dagupeños and Pangasinenses are showcased along the streets, usually performed by students from various schools and universities. Aside from that, people from far and wide participate in many competitions during the festival. A cuisine contest involving 101 ways of cooking bangus is usually done and participated by cooks and chefs. Voracious eaters are also encouraged to join the bangus eating contest where the fastest person to eat bangus will win. A contest of the heaviest, largest, and meatiest bangus caught also encourages the local fishermen to showcase their fishing skills, while a bangus deboning contest is also held for the local sellers of daing na bangus to participate in!


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