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Darayat Festival
Being one of the Pangasinan's municipalities close to the sea, San Fabian boasts a myriad of water resources like fishes and salt. Annually, the sea-bordered municipality of San Fabian celebrates a feast and a festival simultaneously. One is the Feast of Saint Fabian every January, and the other is the celebration of the Darayat Festival in honor of San Fabian’s cultural and spiritual connection with the sea. Darayat Festival is a two-week celebration accompanied by music, prayer, cuisine, and fun-filled dance and art from the different sectors of San Fabian. Usually, the festivities start with a celebratory mass from the San Fabian Church, upon which street dances and a carnival is set up for the people to enjoy. Different activities such as raffle draws, parlor games, and events are conducted to celebrate. Pageants like Mrs. San Fabian, Mr. and Ms. San Fabian (along with its “little” counterpart, Little Mr. and Ms. San Fabian) and many other events like Educator’s Night are done to honor the different sectors of the municipality.


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