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Saint Hyacinth Church
San Jacinto
Saint Hyacinth Church
Town or City:
San Jacinto

Hidden within the crevices of Pangasinan are historical relics and sacred Catholic heritage sites that Catholics from far and wide gather to and worship. One of those sanctified grounds is in the municipality of San Jacinto – one of the oldest towns in Pangasinan – and home to the holy Church of Saint Hyacinth. The Church of Saint Hyacinth is one of the oldest churches in Pangasinan, dating back to 1590 when the first Dominicans established local chapels in the Ilocano settlement in this province. Known colloquially as the Saint Hyacinth Church, the holy parish serves as a temple of worship to Catholic residents from San Jacinto, Manaoag, and Mangaldan, as it was first annexed as a Church of the said municipalities in 1699. Reconstruction of the Church was done in 1653, but was temporarily halted when the Church was burned down in 1719. The Church was rebuilt in 1731, but was again affected by earthquakes in 1848 and 1872. Saint Hyacinth of Poland, the patron-saint of the Church and from whom they derived the Church’s name, was a scholar of sacred studies and a priest who worked on the betterment of women’s monasteries in Poland. Every August 17, the Church of Saint Hyacinth celebrates Saint Hyacinth’s Feast Day in commemoration of their patron-saint. Being the local parish of people from San Jacinto, the Church of San Jacinto is one of the places that most Pangasinense Catholics visit during Visita Iglesia.


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