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San Fabian Church
San Fabian
San Fabian Church
Town or City:
San Fabian
Braganza Street, San Fabian

Known for its pale-white exterior and pearly parish walls, the San Fabian Church has been one of the sacred grounds upon which the Catholics of Pangasinan offer praise and worship. With its gold-and-white linings and tisa walls, the San Fabian Church continues to be a sanctuary for the locals and visitors alike – a home to every Christian who seeks hope and healing in these trying times. The Church of Saint Fabian, Pope and Martyr is the local parish of the municipality of San Fabian, Pangasinan. The Church, along with the municipality, gets its name from the Pope-turned-Saint Fabian, a Roman layman who led the Catholic church for fourteen years until his martyrial demise in 250 A.D. It was built in 1768 by a Dominican priest named Father Francisco Ferrer, but was burned down in 1856. Reconstruction of the Church began in 1857 to 1860 by Father Juan Gutierrez, O.P. The present Church structure, along with the convent and the bell tower, was built in 1863 by Fr. Ramon Fernandez, the parish priest between 1860 to 1870. In January 1945, the bell tower of the Church was affected by American shelling during the heights of the second World War. Renovations of the bell tower and other affected parts of the Church started in 1952, finishing in 2003 when the bell tower was officially restored. Thus, in commemoration of the birth of the patron-saint and the tragedies that the San Fabian Church has endured, the people of San Fabian celebrate the Feast of Saint Fabian on January 19-20 every year. With its fully-renovated façade and refined transepts, the Church of Saint Fabian is a pearly-white sight to behold for every person to ever visit.


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