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San Fabian Beach
San Fabian
San Fabian Beach
Town or City:
San Fabian
Nibaliw Vidal, San Fabian

Along the edges of the municipality of San Fabian, Pangasinan is a wide stretch of brown, grainy sands and the vast expanse of blue, clear sea - packaged into one heavenly picturesque that is the San Fabian Beach. Expanding from Nibaliw to Bolasi, the San Fabian Beach provides different water sports and relaxing leisure activities perfect for any event! Aside from the paradisiacal beach view, the San Fabian beach is also home to a rich source of fishery, aquaculture, and salt-making. The San Fabian Beach is a perfect landscape for beach-loving people; especially that it is near the cool, breezy mountain areas of San Fabian. After hiking, a refreshing descent to the fine sands and sunny beaches of Mabilao, Bolasi, and Nibaliw, giving that salty-air-no-care vibes even during the cold seasons, will surely make up for the soreness and tiredness of the day. San Fabian Beach is lined with cottages and other rentals like boats, bicycles, and floaties to be enjoyed by many tourists when they come to visit! Its brown, glimmering grains of sand have cemented sidewalks (now lined with recently-installed lights) perfect for biking, walking, and even skating during the morning, afternoon, and night. Enjoy the view of the mountains as the sun rises, absorb the buttery heat at noon, and feel the peaceful sunset at dusk at San Fabian Beach!


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