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San Fabian Biker’s Den
San Fabian
San Fabian Biker’s Den
Town or City:
San Fabian
Mabilao-Inmalog Sur Rd,

Through the leadership of Pangasinan 4th District Representative Congressman Chirstopher “Toff” de Venecia, a new destination for bikers was built in Barangay Inmalog Sur in San Fabian. Dubbed as the “Bikers Den,” this is a beautiful piece of infrastructure meant as a pitstop for bikers after a long ride. Currently, many bikers and cycling aficionados visit the place on weekends. The rise of the Biker’s Den has also led to the sprouting of other businesses not only in Barangay Inmalog Sur but also in the whole of San Fabian. But most importantly, Biker’s Den has brought a new breath of energy to the community, having become a source of pride for its residents.


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