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Tondaligan Beach
Tondaligan Beach
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Picture this: a cool-blue sky painted with white, fluffy tufts of clouds here in there, the vast horizon beyond reach, and the radiant, royal sun waving goodbye as it descends down the blue-orange ripples of the sea. This is the exact picture of the Tondaligan Beach that everyone, sunset lovers and all, are enjoying – especially in the summer season. With its brown, grainy sand to its clean, cold seawater slightly kissing the shoreline, Tondaligan Beach rises above all else. Stretching along the edges of Dagupan is the Lingayen Gulf, which brings about the Tondaligan Beach as one of many public beaches of Pangasinan. Tondaligan Beach is the crucible upon which all seaside culture is melted on. Its yellow, brown grains of sand are lined with cement sidewalks perfect for biking, walking, and even skating during the morning, afternoon, and night, with the aid of the installed streetlights. Nearby bamboo-made cottages are available for rent, perfect for family outings, barkada galas, retreats, and many more! Tondaligan Beach is the perfect place to fulfill your beach sports fantasies as it offers a lot of sand and water activities like sandcastle making, beach volleyball, swimming, tourist boat-riding, and even boat-rowing. Nearby hotels and stay-ins allow you to enjoy the islander feels of Pangasinan as you watch the sunset from across the many sheds dotting around the sands of Tondaligan.


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